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The installation of high-quality, durable cabling is an important part of any business. At Shelby Communications, we proudly offer the latest in cabling solutions.

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Dallas, Fort Worth Texas

The installation of high-quality, durable cabling is an important part of any business. At Shelby Communications, we proudly offer the latest in cabling solutions. We are a local company that offers services to businesses throughout the greater DFW area. Our team has years of experience working with all types of networks, including fiber optic cable, Ethernet, coaxial cable, and more.

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We Perform a Cabling Site Survey

Before beginning your cabling installation project, we first perform an onsite survey. This consists of measuring new cable runs needed and any existing wiring in your building to ensure that we account for the proper linear feet measurements. Our site surveys also include testing all electrical outlets and switches.

After the site survey is complete, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost of our services. Once you approve this estimate, we will begin your cabling installation project.

Cable Network Design

The next step is for our technician to design your network layout based on
 your needs and current infrastructure. The process includes:

Determining where to run new cables

We'll determine if there are any obstacles or other factors that could affect the placement of new cable runs. If support racks or cable railings are required, we'll make sure they're installed correctly.

Identifying power distribution panels

We'll identify each panel's location and its circuit capacity. In instances where additional power is needed, we can add more circuits to the panel assuming these adjustments stay within local building code.

Locating junction boxes

Each switch or outlet will require a box to be installed. These boxes are typically mounted to walls but can also be fixed to ceilings or suspended from ceiling joists.

Selecting the right type of connectors

We'll use the appropriate connectors for each wire size. For example, 14/2 NM cables need to be terminated with screw-on connectors while 12 AWG cables should be terminated with crimp terminals.

Installing the cables

All cables will be pulled through conduit using pulleys. Pulleys allow us to easily remove and replace cables as needed without having to cut into the wall.

Testing the completed work

After the job is finished, we'll test every device to verify it works properly. We also perform line capacity tests to ensure data flow is well within the defined capacity.
Our technicians have years of experience installing networks in commercial buildings. They've worked on projects ranging from small office environments to large data centers and everything in between. Each one of our techs are trained in the latest technology and use industry-standard tools to make sure your job is done correctly.

Benefits Of Structured Cabling

By utilizing Structured Cabling best practices, we are able to provide a more cost-effective and reliable solution for our customers. We have been providing structured cabling solutions since 2004. Our team of engineers has the experience needed to design your network infrastructure from the ground up. From the initial concept through installation and ongoing maintenance, we will be there every step of the way.

We utilize Structured Cabling because of these benefits :
1. Ease of Installation
2. Lower cost than that of Unstructured Cabling
3. More flexible and versatile
4. Better security
5. Easier to maintain
6. Easier to identify wires
7. Better audio quality
8. Longer cable lifespan

Structured cabling is a system that allows you to run your cables in an organized manner, making it easier for the installer and more cost effective than running random wires throughout your home or office. It also helps to make sure that all of your data and voice lines are connected properly.

Network Wiring Testing

Another key step in our cabling installation process is to test the wiring from end to end. We start at the routers and work our way back towards the switches, servers, and other devices that make up your network. This ensures that we have not missed any of the connections between each device. It also helps us identify potential problems before they become a problem for you.
We use a combination of different tools to perform this testing:

The most common tool used by technicians today is called an oscilloscope. An oscilloscope allows us to see what signals are being sent across the wire as well as when those signals arrive at their destination. This can help us identify any issues with the wires or connectors on either side of the router/switch/server.

A more advanced tool than an oscilloscope is called a spectrum analyzer. A spectrum analyzer will allow us to look at the frequency of the signal being transmitted over the wire. This can be useful if there is interference on one end of the wire or if it is important to know how much bandwidth is available on the cable.

There are many other tools that can be used to test the wiring but these two are the most commonly used.

During this phase of the project, we will be testing the following:
The physical connection between all devices (including power)
The speed of data transfer between devices
The quality of the signal being sent over the cable (the "signal strength")
The ability of the router or switch to forward packets correctly
The ability of a server to receive packets correctly
Testing the Physical Connection Between Devices
We use an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer to check the physical connections

What They Say About Us

Our Testimonials

  • Thank you, so much for the great work you all did with the Dallas office. Everything turned out really well, and I had no issues getting the network set up. I appreciate your willingness to come out a second time to run the additional demark extension. It is nice to know that the work will always be done right, with consistent and professional results.

    Thank You

    Philip Wrenn, CCNP

  • Shelby Communications has been a fantastic vendor and is our "Go To" company when we need wiring done in our Fort Worth facility. They quote accurately, show up when they say they will, and do an excellent job. I highly recommend Shelby Communications.

    Bill Lowe, ITIL, PMP, MBA, MS

    Village Farms International
  • Shelby Communications is the best of the best. I have used Shelby for numerous jobs and every single one of them has turned out perfect. They take pride in their work and treat our buildings as if it were their own. We will continue to use Shelby Communications in the years to come.

    Preston Mainard

  • I would be proud to refer Shelby Communications for your wiring needs. We have been working with them over the past year. During this time we have had nothing but positive experiences with them.

    Curtis and his team have been professional, courteous, and punctual for every project that we have assigned them. They have provided quality work for us and have gone well above and beyond the job requirements when needed.

    I look forward to continuing our relationship with the company for many years to come.

    Tim Hartpence, Infrastructure

    Manager - Health Quest
    Alliance/Paragon Support

  • My company is based in Illinois and we needed to open a new 120,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Dallas on an extremely short timeline. I sent Shelby an email and Curtis responded promptly. The Shelby team worked with us while we are looking for a building to develop wiring plans and estimates. The day after the lease was signed we finalized the design with them and they ordered the materials.

    They started the job right away and were instrumental in our being able to open for business 5 weeks later. I found Curtis and his team to be straight-shooters with a great deal of expertise and integrity. They were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone needing their services.

    Rich Czuba

  • Shelby Communications did an excellent job. Curtis came out to our location on at the agreed upon time and surveyed the office taking time to ask question; as well explain any questions that I may have had.

    Shelby Communication’s team arrived exactly the day and time they said they would and immediately knocked out the entire installation in a matter of hours. I was very impressed. The most impressive item, other than the level of professionalism, was that Shelby came in on budget with no hidden surprises.

    Rudy Paniagua

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Shelby Communications works with companies of all sizes in all types of industries. We can perform work at a single installation point or deploy to multiple cities to meet any deadline. Our emphasis on customer service and communication, make Shelby Communications the go-to choice for our clients.
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